Livery & Rehabilitation

We offer all year round livery facilities at Scott’s Farm in Checkendon. We operate an open yard policy and encourage people to spend time with us at the farm.
Summer livery includes: Full access to all of the facilities at Scots Farm; a very experienced full time polo groom designated to your ponies; full time management and supervision of your ponies by highly experienced yard managers; schooling of ponies by experienced polo pony trainers only; ample turnout and dry and secure tack rooms.
Winter livery: We have over eighty acres of secure paddocks and all horses are checked daily to ensure they are healthy and injury free. We also have large stables should any horse need to come in for supervision.
Rehabilitation: We offer all year round care and rehabilitation for injured horses. We will tend to an injured horse through to its recovery and then, with the appropriate exercise, nutrition, training and schooling, bring it back to playing fitness. We can offer rehabilitation for all levels of playing ponies.