One to one coaching

Top class one to one coaching sessions are available 12 months a year, for all ages and levels, from total beginners through to experienced players.  Every session will be tailored to your individual requirements.

During these extremely beneficial personalised sessions you will be taught all of the correct skills and techniques that are required for polo. We will identify your strengths and weaknesses, correct mistakes in your technique and work together to improve and enhance your own individual performance in order to significantly improve your standard of play.

No matter what your start level, one to one coaching will give you that extra edge to enable you to progress much further, much faster.


If you are new or relatively new to polo, you will be introduced to and given a thorough basic grounding in this exhilarating and exciting sport. You will learn such things as: correct position and balance; stick control and correct polo swing; the four basic polo shots; how to ‘stick and ball’ correctly (hitting the ball whilst mounted); and basic rules; as well as improving your general level of control over the horse, all in a safe and relaxed environment and on very quiet, safe horses geared to your level of riding experience

NB: For beginners, all equipment is provided – just wear jeans and a riding-style boot.

Intermediate Level Players:

If you have already had some polo experience, Philip will work on further developing your skills as a player: analysing your shots and correcting any deficiencies in your technique; improving and (where possible) eliminating your weaknesses whilst also identifying and capitalising on your strengths; more advanced stick work and ball control; improving your control of the horse; as well as giving you a more thorough knowledge and understanding of the rules, in order for you to be able to progress and become a more complete player. Whether it’s stick control or riding technique, coaching is essential at this level if the correct skills and techniques are to be developed, practised and improved; it is also essential to identify and sort out bad habits or incorrect technique before it’s too late!

Advanced Level Players:

Highly focused intense coaching sessions which address and correct any deficiencies in your technique and/or weaknesses in your game. Analysis and improvement of skills and technique. Intensive skills practises. Further development and utilisation of your strengths. Addressing, assessing and working on all issues relating to stick and ball control, polo riding and horse control. Developing all areas of your game in order for you to significantly improve your performance and effectiveness on the polo field.

Prices: Coaching sessions are 60-90 minutes long and range from £100-£250 per session.

All intermediate and advanced level sessions are personally conducted by Philip Elliott who is a fully qualified HPA* accredited polo coach, an A Grade polo umpire and world-class professional player.

All beginners lessons are conducted by professional coaches with no less than a 1 goal handicap and all lesson content and progress is overseen by Philip. Philip also gives beginners polo lessons at a slightly higher rate per lesson.

Discounts are available for multiple lessons when booked together and for group sessions.
Please contact us for further information and prices.

*HPA = the Hurlingham Polo Association – the governing body of UK polo.