Learn to school your own polo pony

The benefits of being able to school your own polo pony, with the correct knowledge and understanding, are numerous.

Enjoyment on the polo ground comes from riding well trained and well schooled horses appropriate to your level of riding and playing abilities. Poorly trained, schooled or unschooled horses lead to unnecessary negative experiences on the polo ground and often disappointment with the sport in general. It can even lead to accidents and injuries to both you and your ponies.

There is a world of difference between a well exercised horse and a well exercised and well schooled horse. Well schooled polo ponies will increase your enjoyment of the game immensely and increase your confidence and safety in the saddle.

Whether you intend to school your own ponies or simply oversee your groom’s schooling routine with more insight and involvement, schooling lessons are an invaluable part of your progression as a player and horseman.

Philip has been making and training polo ponies for more than thirty years and is known worldwide as a true horseman in the sport of polo. Philip will coach you and teach you how understand each of your horses requirements and help you to work through and correct specific problems, with the underlying knowledge of why they occurred in the first place. Philip will also give you advice for ongoing schooling routines and practices that you can do when you leave each session.

It’s preferred that you bring your horses to us and transport can be arranged for this. Alternatively, sessions can be held offsite, dependant upon distance and Philip’s availability during the season.

Prices vary depending upon time, number of horses and transport / travelling offsite. Please contact us for further information.

Reschooling and retraining of ponies by Philip:
If you would like to put a horse in training with us or  send a horse to Philip to be re-schooled, please see our section on Rehabilitation and Reschooling of Ponies or contact us for prices and availability.