Horsemanship for polo

Enjoyment in polo comes from being safe and in control of the horses. The more competent you are as a polo rider the more your skills as a player will develop. The safety of both the player and the horse is paramount at all times and the more balanced you are on the horse the faster you will be able to play. The more control you have the more shots you will be able to make.

Philip is known worldwide as a true horseman in the sport of polo and he will teach you how to ride for polo and how to connect properly with your horses. You will be taught balance and control in order to improve speed and skill while keeping safety the number one priority at all times. Note, Horsemanship for Polo sessions are not polo lessons, they are riding lessons specifically for polo and the focus is on the riding at all times.

If you would like further information or would like to discuss Horsemanship for Polo sessions tailored to your specific ability, please contact us.